How Do I Generate More Leads and Revenue from My Website?

Your website is a crucial tool for your business. Whether you are looking to make eCommerce sales, generate leads for your sales team, or increase traffic to your store, when done right, your website can help generate leads 24/7 and in turn boost revenue.

You may offer the best product/service in the world. But if no one knows about your website, it’s doomed to fail.

There are several things you can do to improve the effectiveness of your website in generating leads and sales. Here are 8 proven growth techniques you must consider to boost leads for your business.

How do I generate more leads from my website

Optimize Your Website for Conversions

You may have a stellar looking website but if it isn’t designed with conversions in mind, you’re going to have a hard time generating more leads. Begin with a complete conversion audit to understand the gaps and leaks in your website.

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) is the process of proactively optimizing and enhancing your site’s content and design. It often comprises A/B tests to compare one version of a webpage to another to identify the most effective one in terms of conversions.

Track and Analyze User Activity on Your Website

Knowing where your visitors are clicking and where they aren’t can help make improvements, boosting your leads.

A heat map tool like Crazyegg not only shows where the most clicks occur but it also shows the source of the traffic. You will also find out how far down the pages your visitors are scrolling.

This information enables you to test different calls-to-action and locations so you know which ones are getting the most views and clicks.

If you thought simply throwing a random offer on your website will keep the leads pouring in, think again. Insights about where your visitors are viewing on your site and where they are clicking will provide strong data that could be used to convert leads and boost conversions.

Analyze Google Analytics Data

When you know which traffic sources are generating conversions and what your visitors are doing before converting, you can make significant improvements to your website.

Imagine if you could identify that the majority of traffic coming in from social media does not convert? This allows you to modify your strategy and reallocate that budget to marketing channels that are producing results.

Perhaps you identified that most of your leads/customers engage with your blog before converting! You can decide to increase your efforts in creating and publishing more content and using distribution outlets to generate more traffic to your blog.

When you review the Google Analytics data, you can eliminate traffic sources that aren’t performing and double down on strategies that are boosting conversions.

Create and Optimize Quality Content

There’s no denying that content could be a huge source of online traffic – which will bring in more leads. But you need quality, engaging and informative content.

Quality content can be a huge asset for your website as it will attract traffic well past its publish date. Include video, images, and infographics to boost engagement and share count.

Use Exit Pop-Up Offers

Driving traffic doesn’t come cheap. Even if you are not running PPC ads, you might be putting in considerable time and energy on your social media and SEO efforts, which puts a monetary value to every visitor that lands on your site.

Most visitors will bounce off your website never to return. So instead of simply letting them go, why not do something to improve your chances of converting them?

That’s exactly what pop-up exit offers can do for you. By putting across your offer one last time before they leave, you are grabbing yourself one more chance at improving your conversions. Even a slight improvement can make a huge difference.

Use Social Proof

If the visitors to your website trust your business, they are highly likely to submit their personal information and make a purchase.

And social proof does a great job of cementing your credibility and instilling trust.

Showcase testimonials from past customers, accreditations like Better Business Bureau, awards and recognition, and trust badges to add a layer of credibility and trust. With such trust signals in place, your visitors are sure to feel more comfortable making a purchase or sharing their email address.

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4 Step Guide To Generating Leads From Your Website

Install Live Chat

Many business owners believe that live chat is suited for eCommerce websites. That’s far from the truth though. Every website – even simple brochure websites – can benefit from installing live chat software.

Imagine you are the owner of a restaurant and are interested in generating visits and reservations to your location. Live chat can help with these reservations and can even help answer any questions your visitors may have – say directions to your restaurant or whether you serve vegetarian food.

Many live chat programs available today offer mobile apps so you can constantly monitor the live chat and improve conversions.

Use Explainer Videos

Today’s consumers are used to certain offers and techniques, which may not elicit any response or action. You will need to come up with clever ways to grab their attention.

That’s where explainer videos come handy. Using these videos on your landing page or website to describe your product/service can really boost your conversion rates.

A good explainer video is one that can entertain, enlighten and captivate your visitors. If you decide to use an explainer video, be sure to create a good quality video. A poorly produced video can put off visitors, who will leave your website in no time, never to return.

Wrapping Up  

So, there you are. You now have 8 growth hacks to generate more leads and revenues from your website. If you need help generating leads online, digital the specialists at Blackbear Marketing are here to assist.

From SEO and social media management to custom media buying solutions, we can put together a concrete digital marketing strategy to grow leads and revenue for your business. Drop us a line here or call (609) 365-8852 now.

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